floor lamp shades glass

Floor Lamp Shades Idea for the Room

It is an important thing for you to make a right concept of room composition, so you can get the perfect satisfaction from its result. However, you will be the one who spend the time in the room, so you should really build the right kind of comfort atmosphere there. In more detail, the comfort atmosphere can easily be realized with the existence of special lamp shade idea, like the […]

large tiffany lamp shades

Tiffany Lamp Shades Decoration Idea

Make a special kind of decoration concept in the house should be completed with right kind of lamp shade choice inside it. You cannot simplify the role of the lamp, because it will really bring special effect for the room atmosphere. In the other side, when you put the wrong kind of design, it will also bring big disappointment, related to the comfort condition in the room. Then, as example, […]

red lamp shade

The Red Lamp Shade Details

Make the right choice of lamp in your house should really be a special concern, related to the great satisfaction that you need to realize from that. The red lamp shade can be a good thing that you can put in your decoration plan, because this lamp will really bring special function for us in the house. With the good quality detail that it has, this lamp can be a […]

kitchen backsplash glass tiles

The Backsplash Glass Tile

It will be a good idea for you to apply special kind of item choice to decorate your room in different theme. Do you want to create fresh and new kind of atmosphere in your house? Then you can use the backsplash glass tile idea to complete your plan. This kind of room decoration concept can be put as the unique completion in your kitchen or bathroom, so you can […]

blue glass tile

5 Refreshing Backsplash Ideas for Bathrooms with Blue Glass Tile

Blue glass tile does look so refreshing and fancy because it can come with many varied shades which enrich the options. Since its fresh look is undeniable, many households will prefer blue for their bathroom backsplashes and here are some refreshing backsplash looks which you can try. From the modern minimalist bathrooms with blue glass tile backsplash which uses the blue shade of cobalt blue. The darker shade of blue […]